italian sub sandwich

line & lee Italian Sub Sandwiches
Recipe Note: EASY
serves 5

1 loaf of fresh olive oil/sea salt bread or an italian baguette (we purchase ours at standard market) *see note
1/2 pound sliced whole milk mozzarella cheese
1/4 pound sliced genoa salame (we use columbus brand)
1/4 pound sliced pepperoni (we use boar's head)
1/2 pound krakus ham
mild giardiniera (we use "that pickle guy" brand)
large handful of spinach leaves
2 sliced tomatos + a touch of salt

*the bread is what makes this sandwich tick. make sure to check out your local fancy food store or bakery and find a really good italian loaf or an olive oil/sea salt one if you can find it.

cut the ends off of the loaf of bread. then slice it horizontally and slice a layer large enough off of one side to make sure the sandwich is manageable to eat. then place the top back on the bottom and slice sandwich strips. place both sides of the bread open face on a cookie sheet or large cutting board. layer both sides with generous mayo, then add the cheese, salame, pepperoni, ham, spinach, salted tomatoes, and finally spoon on the giardiniera liberally. place the top on the sandwiches--cover and place in the fridge until ready to eat. these can be made the morning ahead and are perfect for a picnic.