line & lee party styling

because we want your party to be cozy and
magical — never fussy, just fun


line & lee party styling

about us

we’ve joined our love of food and style and are ready to design the look of your next gathering!  from the menu and drinks, to the decor and playlist, we’ve got you covered. sometimes it’s the extra special touches that make your get-together that much more memorable. because you don’t just want people to come together, you want it all to come together--what they see, what they taste, what they hear—how it makes them feel.  that’s what we do. we make it all come together for you.

line & lee dinner parties

our services

whether you're hosting a backyard bash or a rehearsal dinner we create personalized style guides to design the perfect party for you.  check out our service page for a full breakdown of our party blueprints. or contact us at to set up your party!