we’re caroline and ashley, and lucky for us we married brothers.  we live in the same town just outside of chicago and most of the time we can be found chasing our littles and sneaking wine whenever we can.

we’ve joined our love of food and style and are ready to help you organize your next party! from the menu and drinks, to the decor and playlist, we’ve got you covered. sometimes it’s the extra special touches that make your get-together that much more memorable. because you don’t just want people to come together, you want it all to come together—what they see, what they taste, what they hear--how it makes them feel.  that’s what we do. we help you pull it all together!

between the culinary school background, CKT catering, and a passion for style we decided to start line & lee!  “line & lee” comes from the end of both of our names, spelling “lee” the way ashley’s grandma did...because she just loved to have fun!

we have 6 kids between the two families and are constantly searching for delicious and healthy-ish recipes and the best restaurants in chicago.  

our perfect night would look a little like this: a backyard bbq, the kids catching fireflies, and magical babysitters showing up to put the kids to bed while the adults catch up with cocktails around the fire.